Osprey Money Management’s response to COVID-19

We know everyone is aware of the increase in cases of the virus in Florida. The reasons for this are varied i.e. more testing, more social functions and businesses opening, hot weather pushing people indoors together, etc.

We had just begun allowing clients in the office, downstairs in the conference room, with masks on all. We will be pulling back on this with an abundance of caution unless there’s an urgent reason. If this is the case, the room will be disinfected before and after use.

We can usually do everything we need either by phone, email or regular mail. If you need to sign paperwork for instance, we can mail it, or even bring it out to your car.

We do have other renters downstairs who are in and out of the building, and we don’t want you to be unnecessarily exposed.
Even if you feel the risk is small, it doesn’t hurt to be careful, and there is really no downside.

Please call if you need anything, and Be Well.