Q: How does Osprey Money Management differ from the big brokerage firms?
A: Osprey Money Management offers independent financial advice. The people who work at Osprey Money Management are professional investment advisor representatives who work on a fee-only basis, unlike stockbrokers who work on commission for a firm that provides products. Stockbrokers’ training is more focused on achieving sales goals and less focused on coaching. We emphasize your unique investment philosophy and relate it to your investment account with the simplicity of structured portfolios for a low annual fee.

Q: What are Registered Investment Advisors?
A: They are professional organizations that manage client investment portfolios and/or give advice for a fee. They are required to register with the State(s) in which the firm conducts business or the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Osprey Money Management LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory firm registered in the state of Florida.

Q: What type of clientele does Osprey Money Management LLC have?
A: Our clients all have one thing in common: they don’t want to worry about their investments! We handle IRAs, Company Retirement Plans, and Trust accounts, as well as individual investment accounts. Our minimum deposit is $10,000 – low enough for most investors.