Private Consultation

We work with clients one-on-one in our offices or by telephone. Using best practices financial technology, we can analyze your current portfolio and get a picture of your financial health. During consultation we can help you:

  • Define your investment philosophy
  • Outline goals
  • Learn to measure risk
  • Understand the costs associated with investing
  • Teach the efficient market theory (which is the basis of your portfolio management)
  • Be a sane sounding board to counter the media, family or other influences that make you question your path

Coaching Consultation

Wealth Coaching includes phone sessions and unlimited e-mail for all our clients. Some challenges we cover in your initial consultation session may include concerns such as:

  • Your retirement plans have become uncertain in these economic times.
  • You need an objective point of view
  • Your own financial life is in chaos and you don’t know where to begin.
  • Difficulties brought about by your adult children in financial distress.
  • Teaching financial responsibility to your teen.

Like private consultation, we are an educated partner that guides you through the phases of your financial education to help you attain a solid foundation for life-long financial health.