Taking the First Step

Whether you’re a regular investor or you’ve never invested before, you’ll find that we aren’t like other financial consultants.

• We aren’t affiliated with a firm that pays us for transactions or investment sales
• We aren’t charged with selling certain services, stocks or programs each week that might or might not be right for you
• We don’t ask you to take a survey to decide what your investment options should be

What DO we do?

At our first meeting, we ask that you bring your financial statements so that we can evaluate your current investments.

We’ll determine:

• If there is underperformance
• If there is proper diversification
• If there are hidden costs creating a drag on the return
• If the portfolio is too aggressive
• If the portfolio is too conservative

In our meeting, we’ll sit on the same side of the table with you and walk through your current investment situation. You’ll ask questions, we’ll give answers. You’ll learn more about financial planning. We’ll tell you what is going on in your portfolio and why. You’ll become more educated and feel less frustrated and worried. If your portfolio is on target and performing well, we’ll be able to start a coaching program that keeps you on track.

To us, that’s valuable consulting.