Investor Quiz

As you prepare to become more knowledgeable about wealth management and determine new goals and objectives, take time to answer some of the questions in our Investor Quiz. Giving yourself time to do some thinking about your ideas and feelings helps you ready yourself for a more effective process and can identify the areas where you need to grow!

  1. Are you invested in the market?

  2. Have you identified your personal risk tolerance? (Do you know your personal limit to how much decline in portfolio value you can handle?) There is a scientific number that helps you compare various portfolio mixes. Remember, you cannot control something that you cannot measure!

  3. Do you know how to measure diversification in your portfolio? This goes well beyond having several mutual funds. Different sectors of the market move independently, but you could be concentrated in ones that will move down together in the market declines and we can work to change that.

  4. Have you measured the total amount of commissions and costs in your portfolio? Many costs could be under the radar or hidden in the trading of a mutual fund, the “iceberg principle, even in the “no load” mutual funds.

  5. Do you have an investment policy statement? This is mandatory for retirement plans but most individual investors don’t have one or even know what it is.

  6. Do you consistently and predictably match market returns? The majority of people don’t really understand what market returns are. You can have your portfolio analyzed to see if it has consistently brought you the returns of the asset categories you’re in. Chances are, it hasn’t.
  1. When it comes to building your investment portfolio, do you know exactly what you are doing and why? Does your advisor?

  2. Do you know the three warning signs that you are gambling and speculating with your money versus prudently investing it?Do you have a customized lifelong game plan to guide all of your investing and spending decisions? This valuable function of your financial consultation will help you gain a clear focus of where you are going.

  3. Do you know the present risk in your current portfolio and the potential amount you could lose in the next downturn?

  4. Can you identify the cultural messages and personal mindsets about money that destroy your peace of mind? With all the information that bombards us now, it is important to have a clear idea of what is true and what is just intended to sell you products.

  5. Do you know where you stand on Markowitz’s Efficient Frontier? Markowitz devised a formula to measure the risk of a particular portfolio mix. With knowledge of the expected returns and downward potential, you can build a portfolio that matches your temperament and goals.

  6. Have you devised a clear-cut method for measuring the success or failure of your portfolio?

  7. Do you have long-term goals?