August 2019 Newsletter

We’ve definitively been here before; when seeing the market reports we’re alarmed by the descriptions of wild market swings. The markets hate uncertainty and they are showing it now with all this talk on trade etc.

We know that these moves are within normal parameters in the short term, and when we invest in the broader markets, such as your portfolios are, returns over time are generous. Some may say, but can’t we do better than the broader markets? Aren’t some stocks or mutual funds better to invest in right now than others? And, how do we know which ones to choose? This type of investing is using active management. Here is a quote out of an article on this topic on the Dimensional Fund Advisors website:

Dimensional recently studied the performance of actively managed mutual funds and found that even professional investors have difficulty beating the market: over the last 20 years, 77% of equity funds and 92% of fixed income funds failed to survive and outperform their benchmarks after costs.

For the entire article please click here.

Wondering why you’re hearing we may be going into a recession? Here is an excellent letter another Matson Advisor wrote explaining this complex topic in a clear, understandable way. And of course any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us. Now get out there and get some fresh air!

To Your Prosperity and Wellbeing,

Kasey Claytor and Aaron Wade
Investment Advisor Representatives
Osprey Money Management LLC

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