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Prosperity University

The Prosperity U.Courses give investors a variety of topics in a workshop setting. The series gives investors an opportunity to learn more, ask questions in an educational setting and understand the dimensions of life-long financial investing.

Separating Myths From Truths: The Story of Investing
This is the first presentation of the series and is packed with vital information. The presentation makes a good stand-alone workshop for any investor or group. We offer this presentation free of charge.

The three part workshop covers:

  1. Dispelling Traditional Investing Myths – assumptions, logic and common inaccuracies
  2. The Story of Investing – What 50 years of empirical research shows
  3. Building a Better Portfolio – You don’t have to use traditional investment methods to be a successful investor.

Discovering your True Purpose for Money
Each of us has our own values and beliefs. One way that we express values is through financial decisions.  When financial decisions align with values, we experience a very real sense of satisfaction and contentment. However, when we struggle, worry, or suffer over money, it’s very likely that our financial choices are inconsistent with our Inner value system.

Discovering your True Purpose for Money can pave the way for long-lasting satisfaction and fulfillment regarding financial decisions. Find out why this is a favorite presentation for clients.

The Investment Vortex, Getting Through the Blackhole of Investing

We face many challenges as we work together to build a diversified and prudent investment strategy to meet investor’s individual goals. One of the key components to lifelong investment success is an investor’s ability to set reasonable expectations for investment performance. Unfortunately, this has been one of the most difficult things for investors to consistently achieve. This workshop makes it easy to see the big picture, putting our expectations in line with our goals.

Defeating you Money Demons

From the time we first become aware of money, we begin to develop certain individual and specific beliefs about it. Throughout our childhood, we create beliefs,thoughts, stories, attitudes, and assumptions about money that heavily influence many of the financial decisions we make throughout our lives. Most of these decisions, however, take place on a subconscious level. We create the belief in a moment, and then unknowingly continue to make decisions based on that belief, even when it may not be appropriate.

Positive money beliefs lead to peace of mind regarding financial issues. Consequently,it’s useful to define and be aware of these beliefs, so we can deliberately draw upon them as we see fit. We examine our beliefs, discovering how we have been holding ourselves back by these demons. Then we can choose to accept or reject them and create new, positive beliefs. 


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Separating Myths from Truth, the Story of Investing
The First Step to Your Goal Fulfillment

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